The mediators of CFMG have decades of collective experience.

Why Choose Central Florida Mediation Group?

The mediators of CFMG have decades of collective experience helping opposing parties come to an agreement that they can all live with, without court or third-party-imposed mandates. CFMG’s former judges, seasoned trial attorneys and other certified mediators have successfully mediated virtually every type and class of dispute imaginable, even those involving contentious parties who never thought it possible to reach an agreement.

Mediation can be a simpler, more equitable solution to disputes involving divorce or partnership dissolution, child custody, child support, paternity, parenting issues, alimony, & division of property.


A Simpler, More Equitable Solution

Mediation can be a simpler, more equitable solution to disputes involving divorce or partnership dissolution, child custody, support, paternity and parenting issues, alimony, division of property, etc. Mediation also serves as a faster, less traumatic answer to claims and liability cases involving corporations, government and law enforcement agencies, employers, commercial and construction disputes, insurance and workers comp claims, property damage, and more.

Our facility is the most accommodating in the area, with amenities designed to make the process easier and more relaxed. We offer wireless Internet access, 10 conference rooms, two projector screens with projectors provided, conference calling available in all conference rooms, and a fully stocked cafe to enjoy during your stay with us. Our reception staff will greet your clients and assist you throughout the mediation process.

What If My Case Requires Arbitration?

In a few cases, mediation may not work, either because no agreement can be reached between parties or because one or both prefer to have a third-party award determined by an impartial legal panel. If your client’s case demands arbitration, the skilled members of CFMG can help you navigate through this faster, less costly alternative to trial, even in serious cases involving business disputes, personal injury, wrongful death, automobile liability, construction matters, premises liability, medical or professional negligence, elder care liability and more.

CFMG’s mediators and arbitrators have vast experience in all types of legal actions, from simple to controversial, two-party to multiparty, and domestic to corporate. Each is an expert in his or her field, and equipped to meld insightful compromise with a keen understanding of the law to help you settle your case out of court, no matter how powerful your opponent.

Benefit from the experience of judges, lawyers and industry-specific specialists with the collective knowledge and understanding to resolve all types of disputes. Our collaborative efforts enable us to handle the most daunting opposition and calm the most turbulent conflicts. We approach each case thoughtfully and fairly to achieve the best possible outcome.

Settle Your Dispute Quickly & Reasonably. Schedule a Mediation.

When you’re involved in a dispute, you want it settled quickly and reasonably. CFMG’s mediation and arbitration professionals’ education, experience and compassion make our firm among the most qualified and diverse in the field.