Pre-Suit Mediation

Controversies exist in life and are often unavoidable, but that does not mean that the court system is the only means by which a dispute can be resolved. There is an alternative and it is called Pre-Suit Mediation. In Pre-Suit Mediation, the entire controversy can be resolved prior to or instead of going to court.

Advantages of Pre-Suit Mediation

The advantages of Pre-Suit Mediation are numerous and include not only the saving of substantial time and resources but also the resulting mistrust, animosity, and anxiety associated with participating in our court system. In mediation, the parties are free to take a step back and discuss their dispute without conflict and with the mindset of finding a solution that resolves the dispute.

In addition, even if a resolution is not reached at Pre-Suit Mediation, at a minimum it is often the case that parties are able to narrow the issues and exchange information which almost inevitably improves the adversarial process by permitting the parties to focus on the real issues in any case.

Purposes of Pre-Suit Mediation

Pre-Suit Mediation serves many good purposes. When a Pre-Suit Mediation Program is utilized, better and faster results are often achieved by attorneys for their clients.

Defendants benefit through more timely settlements, the reduction of legal costs and expenses, as well as having opportunities that are not necessarily available to them through the judicial process.

Plaintiffs often can resolve disputes without all the time and expense that are part of the litigation process. In addition, plaintiffs often benefit from Pre-Suit Mediation by avoiding all of the pitfalls associated with protracted litigation including unpaid bills, diminishment of credit, as well as all the expense and stress associated with litigation.

Our Pre-Suit Mediation Program

Central Florida Mediation Group, LLC, is pleased to offer a Pre-Suit Mediation Program that provides an opportunity to resolve claims early on, when both parties may well have much more flexibility in the manner in which a dispute is resolved.

We take responsibility for seeing to it that basic information is exchanged between the parties prior to mediation so that the process will be meaningful. We also make sure to include safeguards for parties that elect to participate in the program so that nothing that happens will compromise the participants relative positions in any respect should the dispute not be resolved.

Pre-Suit Mediation at Central Florida Mediation Group, LLC, includes the exchange of basic information between parties including medical, employment and insurance information. The process also permits pre-suit statements of the parties to be taken solely for the purposes of mediation.

Our experience at Central Florida Mediation Group, LLC, has shown that Pre-Suit Mediation is a valuable process in many cases, which can result in substantial savings while at the same time providing the plaintiff fair compensation early on in the process.