James V. Lobozzo, Jr.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Expert James V. Lobozzo, Jr.

Why I Choose to Mediate

Disputes resolved through negotiated settlement agreements rather than judicial decrees are, without question, more beneficial to all participants, including both contestants and counsel, based on my experience as both a litigator since 1979 and as a certified mediator since 1988.

The elimination or reduction of costs of litigation, both financial and non-financial, are of particular benefit, particularly ending those sleepless nights worrying about your case.

Since being admitted to the Florida Bar in 1979, I have litigated a broad spectrum of civil cases on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, including probate and guardianship matters, personal injury cases, contract disputes, and real property matters, including mortgage foreclosures, landlord/tenant disputes, and title issues.


I graduated with a degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University in 1976, and with a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida in 1978. I was the managing partner of a five-attorney firm prior to my current partnership in McClure & Lobozzo in Sebring, Florida.

After being certified as a mediator in 1988, I mediated cases in the 10th Judicial Circuit, in Okeechobee and Lee counties, in all areas of circuit civil practice.


  • 2-Party Mediation: $150.00 per party per hour (2-hour minimum)
  • 3-Party Mediation: $130.00 per party per hour (2-hour minimum)
  • 4-Party Mediation: $100.00 per party per hour (2-hour minimum)
  • CFMG charges a $95.00 administration fee per party also.

I will travel to Okeechobee, DeSoto, Glades and Hendry counties, in addition to your current area, at no travel charge.